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While many people do not pressure wash their parking lots and garages, it is recommended that you pressure wash your parking lot or garage at least once a year to maintain cleanliness and the serviceable condition of your garage or parking lot. Pressure washing can also blast through greasy fluids from oil and transmission leaks that can create slipping hazards.Pressure washing is the best and most-effective way to get rid of loose paint, dirt, spills, mildew, calcium deposits, gum, and other materials that can collect in front of your business and detract from its appearance. Also, preparing your existing lines for new paint is critical to the life and overall appearance of your re-striping project.This will create a cleaner surface, improve paint adhesion, and remove obsolete or unwanted striping.

Types of Services offered:

  • Parking Structure pressure washing
  • Concrete Pressure Washing and Stream Cleaning
  • Oil Spot treatment for asphalt and Concrete Parking stalls
  • Paint prep Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning
  • Curb Pressure washing and Painting
  • General Concrete Cleaning
  • Brick and Paving stone Pressure Washing
  • Gum Removal