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We all love the underdog…

Back in 2000, a single man and his truck, Bill had one simple goal in mind…provide quality power washing and striping to all his customers.
So much was put into that idea, the original name of the company was “quality power washing and striping services”.
A few years later, and a couple of customers more, Bill was joined by his brother Ray ( engineer by trade) and began what is now Parking Mates Inc.

By maintaining the original goal- workmanship and excellent customer service helped allow us to quickly outgrow the home office, and land a 6,700 sq warehouse/office space with 10+ employees.
Ray’s son- Will (off-duty fireman) quickly joined to help support the ongoing growth with Bill’s son trailing close by.

We want to welcome you into our family by providing the best service and support we can offer.
Any project, big or small will be completed with the same passion that began it all.
Please look at the services we provide and let us help you create, or recreate, the best looking parking lot.
Thank you for considering Parking Mates Inc !